Black Dagger Brotherhood 09 Lover Unleashed · Read more JR Ward - [Black Dagger Brotherhood 1] - Dark Lover (v) (pdb). Read more. The Black Dagger Brotherhood series promises tons of thrills and chills.”—RT Book Reviews. More Praise for the Novels of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. Ward’s urban fantasy romance series is so popular I don’t think there’s a reader today who hasn’t at least heard of the. Dark lover [electronic resource (PDF eBook)] / J.R. Ward. Saved in: Main Author: Ward Processing (CPL) - eBooks (PDF) - Adult Fiction. Call Number, Copy.

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    Dark lover black dagger brotherhood book 1 pdf free pdf download you should avoid using task killer apps and reboot your phone fairly regularly to. One bit of. Click here. cover image of Dark Lover. Read A Sample. Dark Lover. Black Dagger Brotherhood Series, Book 1 · Black Dagger Brotherhood. by J.R. Ward. ebook. Read Dark Lover read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Dark Lover is a Fantasy novel by J.R. Ward.

    However, some felt a bulk of the book was just setup and information dumping for the next book. It has a 3. Sleeping Giants is a thriller fueled by an earthshaking mystery—and a fight to control a gargantuan power. A girl named Rose is riding her new bike near her home in Deadwood, South Dakota, when she falls through the earth. She wakes up at the bottom of a square hole, its walls glowing with intricate carvings. But the firemen who come to save her peer down upon something even stranger: a little girl in the palm of a giant metal hand. Seventeen years later, the mystery of the bizarre artifact remains unsolved—its origins, architects, and purpose unknown. Its carbon dating defies belief; military reports are redacted; theories are floated, then rejected. But some can never stop searching for answers. And along with her colleagues, she is being interviewed by a nameless interrogator whose power and purview are as enigmatic as the provenance of the relic. But once the pieces of the puzzle are in place, will the result prove to be an instrument of lasting peace or a weapon of mass destruction?

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    Search this site. Ward's book Dark Lover: Free book Dark Lover: Dark Lover: Ward Synopsis: The only purebred vampire left on the planet and the leader of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, Wrath has a score to settle with the slayers who killed his parents centuries ago.

    But when his most trusted fighter is killed—orphaning a half-breed daughter unaware of her heritage or her fate—Wrath must put down his dagger and usher the beautiful female into another world. His tales of the Brotherhood and blood frighten her. Yet his touch ignites a dawning new hunger—one that threatens to consume them both Volume I: And he had to have faith that when he went to that door to the Fade, and he proceeded through it to whatever was on the other side, she would be able to find him.

    Otherwise, this whole death thing would have been unbearable to go through. The idea that he could be dying and would never see his beloved again? Never smell her hair? Know her touch? Speak his truth even though she already knew how much he loved her? All that was why death was such a tragedy, he thought.

    It was the great separator, and sometimes it struck without warning, a vicious thief robbing people of emotional currency that would bankrupt them for the rest of their lives … Shit, what if the Scribe Virgin was wrong?

    Or had lied? Abruptly, his panic refueled, and his thoughts began to jam up, getting stuck on the distance that had come between him and his shellan lately, distance that he had taken for granted that he had time and space to correct. Oh, God … Mary, he said in his head. I love you! He should have talked out the stuff with her, dug down deep to discover where the problem was, mended them back so that they were once more soulto-soul. The mid-stride step, never to be completed, was the worst regret anyone could have.

    They had been losing ground, he and Mary. Lately … they had been losing touch with each other. The Fade had come for him. And he could only pray that his Mary Madonna would be able to find him on the other side. He had things he desperately needed to say to her. Vishous resumed his form in a white marble courtyard that was open to a milky sky so vast and bright that there were no shadows thrown by the fountain in the center or by the tree full of colorful, chirping finches over in the corner.

    All of whom went silent as they sensed his mood. When he pounded and called her name some more, speckles of the shit hit the white panel like nail polish dropped on a floor. Over on the bedding platform, beneath sheets of white satin, the entity who had created the vampire race, but also bodily borne forth him and his sister, was lying in utter stillness and silence. There was no corporeal form to her, however. Just a three-dimensional pool of light that had once been brilliant as a flash bomb, but was now that of an old-fashioned oil lamp with a clouded shade.

    Who cared, though. There were no arms for him to drag her out of bed with or shoulders to shake. He was about to yell again when words were spoken throughout the quarters as if they were piped in through Surround Sound. What shall be will be. Like that explained everything. Like he was a cocksucker for coming and bothering her. Like he was wasting her time.

    His future, or yours. Every time V got around this female, he came down with a case of womb-induced psychosis. V pictured Hollywood pulling a bath-mat slip-andfall that killed him at home. Or a choke job on a turkey leg. Or God only knew what else that could carry a brother off. Change his destiny right now. She was such a goddamn quitter, pulling out of the world, sequestering herself up here as a recluse in a sulk because no one was kissing her ass like she wanted.

    And V was the last person to want somebody else to wipe his butthurt away, but he had to give saving Rhage his best shot, and who the fuck else had this kind of pull? He matters to the King, the Brotherhood, the war. We lose him? So much had changed. Except for the fact that he still hated weakness of any kind.

    Leave me. You tire me. Jesus Christ. Some other … something.

    Shit, what else was there? With each step he took, he expected her to call him back, say something else, put a stinger into his chest that would be almost as lethal as what Rhage had been taken down with. And yeah, he wanted the stain to seep into the stone, like maybe that would get her attention. As he stood there, the silence registered as a sound in and of itself. Which was both illogical and precisely the experience he had as he realized how truly quiet it was up here now.

    The Chosen were all on Earth, learning about themselves, separating into individuals, turning away from their traditional roles of service to his mother. The race was just the same, existing in modern times where the old cycles of festivals and observances were mostly ignored, and traditions that had once been respected were now at risk of being forgotten.

    Good, he thought. He hoped she was lonely and felt disrespected. He wanted her nice and isolated, with even her most faithful turning their backs on her. He wanted her to hurt. He wanted her to die. His eyes went to the birds he had brought her, and the flock cowered from him, shuffling to a set of branches in the back of the white tree, huddling together as if he were going to snap their necks one by one.

    How could he not? Beth had nearly died giving birth and had had to give up any future of having more children to survive. And before all that? The raids. And ahead of that? Qhuinn was shitting his leathers, worried that Layla was going to die birthing his twins. And Rhage was expiring down there in the middle of a fight.

    Need he say more? Twisting his head around, V glared at the door that had been reshut by her will. He was glad she suffered. As he dematerialized back to the field of combat, he had absolutely no faith at all that she would do right by Rhage and Mary.

    Dark Lover : J R Ward :

    He had taken a gamble and lost going to his mother, but with her, that was the way it always went. He needed a fucking miracle. Its drain was shiny and silver. In front of her, a wall-length mirror reflected three stalls, all of which had their peach-colored doors closed, only one of which was occupied. Mary focused on her reflection. She looked as bad as she felt: Somehow, in the last thirty minutes, black bags had formed under sockets that had sunken in, and her skin was pale as the tile she was standing on.

    Bull crap. She knew exactly how. Mary had to close her eyes and pull yet another recompose.

    When she opened things up again, she tried to remember what she was doing. There was a little stack of paper towels on a shelf, the kind that interlocked fold-to-fold, and as she went to take one and dripped water all over the others, she thought it was strange that Havers, who was so precise about his facility, promoted such messiness.

    Oh … got it. The dispenser on the wall by the door was broken, the lower part hanging loose. Just like me, she thought. Fully stocked with the education and experience to help people, but not doing my job right. Take her hand. She had been crying in there.

    And now that the girl was being forced to show her face, she was attempting to do exactly what Mary herself was desperately shooting for. I wish I had let you do it on your own terms and in your own way. Where does she go? For vampires, there was in fact a heaven, and they did, really and truly, meet their loved ones there.

    Heck, it probably proved the same was true for humans, but as there was less visible magic in that world, eternal salvation was a much harder sell to the average joe. Wadding the paper towel up, Mary took a step back. As a pretrans, Bitty could tolerate any amount of light the sun could throw at her. And the real truth was that she just wanted to get the girl away from all the death here. The awful reality was that there was no mother to leave behind anymore, and getting the girl out of this clinical environment where patients were being treated, sometimes in dire situations, was entirely appropriate.

    I killed her. As she stood before the closed panel, her heavily-washed dress seemed on the verge of falling off her thin frame, her ill-fitting black coat like a blanket she had wound around herself, her brown hair feathering from static across the knobby fabric.

    When I woke up tonight. I mean, I can remember everything about her. Or something. But before she could reply, the girl pushed her way out, clearly not interested in a response—and maybe that was a good thing. What the hell did you say to that? Out in the corridor, Mary wanted to put her hand on that small shoulder, but she held off. The girl was so self-contained, in the way a book would be in the midst of a library, or a doll in a line-up of collectibles, and it was difficult to justify breaching those boundaries.

    Especially when, as a therapist, you were already feeling very shaky in your professional shoes. Mary glanced around. As Mary took them over the bridge, she once again bobble-headed the rearview mirror, checking on Bitty every fifty yards.

    In the silence, she found herself back on the apology train in her head … for giving bad advice, for putting the girl in the position of suffering even more. But all that gnashing was self-serving, a search for personal absolution that was totally unfair to the patient, especially one that young. This on-the-job nightmare was something Mary was going to have to come to grips with on her own. An entrance onto I appeared as soon as they were on the downtown side of the bridge, and the directional signal sounded loud in the interior of the station wagon.

    Heading north, Mary stayed at the speed limit and got passed by a couple of eighteenwheelers doing eighty in a sixty-five. From time to time, lights marking merger zones flared overhead in a rhythm that never lasted long, and what little local traffic there was thinned out even more as they continued onward. When they got home, Mary decided she was going to try to feed the girl something.

    Then maybe a movie until dawn, somewhere quiet. The trauma was so fresh, and not just the stuff around losing her mother. It read, Exit 19 Glens Falls. We should be there in about fifteen minutes? She was heading for the damn mansion. What the hell had she been thinking? Mary got off at exit nineteen, went under the highway, and hopped back on going south. Back at the Brownswick School for Girls, Assail, son of Assail, heard the roar even through the sensory overload of battle.

    As he wrenched around, he kept his finger on the trigger of his autoloader, continuing to discharge bullets straight ahead at a line-up of the undead— For a split second, he fell off from his shooting.

    His brain simply could not process what his eyes were suggesting had magically appeared a mere fifty yards away from him. It was … some kind of dragonlike creature, with purple scales, a barbed tail, and a gaping mouth set with T. The prehistoric monster was a good two stories high, long as a tractor trailer, and fast as a crocodile as it went after anything that ran away— Free fall.

    Without warning, his body went flying forward and a searing pain streaked down the front of his calf and sliced across his ankle. Right, fuck this, mate. Assail grabbed a fistful of still-brown hair, shoved his muzzle into that wide-open maw, and hit the trigger, blowing open the back of the skull, incapacitating the body such that it fell on him as a writhing deadweight. Kicking the animated corpse off, he sprang to his feet.

    And found himself directly in the cross hairs of the beast. Then, with another roar, the killer came at him, pounding over the ground, crushing slayers under its massive hind feet, its front claws curled up and ready to strike.

    The beast took care of that little problem. The slayers, likewise, garnered one look at all the hellhath-no-fury coming at them and scattered like leaves unto the autumn wind. Naturally, there was naught directly up ahead that provided any cover. By bad luck, his escape route offered nothing but scrub and brush, without any meaningful protection. The nearest building? Two hundred yards away. At least. It was a race the beast was due to win—a victory that was inevitable when a five-foot stride tried to outrun a set of legs that could cover twenty-five in a single bound.

    Fear struck to his core. But there was no time to try to harness the panic that flooded his mind. A great roar blasted at him, the force of the sound so great that it spurred him forth, providing a gust of foul-smelling air that ushered him along. Too late to save himself, though. Surely if the beast had gotten him by the shoulders or the torso, he would have been racked with—no, wait, it had him by the jacket.

    The thing had him by the leather jacket, not the flesh, a band of constriction cutting across his pecs and lifting him by the armpits, his legs flopping, his gun firing as he made fists of his hands. Below him, the landscape tilted like it was on a seesaw, the bolting lessers, the fighting Brothers, the overgrown bushes and trees flipping around him as he was shaken all about.

    The fucking thing was going to toss him up and gullet him. This back-and-forth nonsense was just tenderizing a meal. Goddamn him, he was the vampire equivalent of a chicken wing. No time. He let his gun go and went for the zipper at his throat. The shaking motion made his tiny target fast as a mouse, slick as a marble, all needle-in-ahaystack for his trembling hands and slippery, sweaty fingertips. Directly on his shoulder. The crack was something that registered throughout his body and rendered him as useless as a babe unattended, all breath lost, his sight blurring.

    But there was no time if he wanted to live. Wrenching around, he— Pop! His cousins came out of the night, running as if they were being chased when in fact they were not.

    Ehric had two autoloaders up and discharging … and Evale had an elephant gun on his shoulder.

    That was the BOOM! Indeed, the weapon was, in fact, an actual elephant gun, an enormous firearm that had been left over from the time of the Raj in India. Thank the Fates for unhealthy preoccupations. Those forty-millimeter bullets did nothing to slow the beast down, pinging off the purple scales as if they were peas cast upon a motor vehicle.

    Closing his eyes, he focused, focused, focused— No dematerializing. Too much adrenaline on top of too much cocaine with too much pain from his shoulder as a chaser. And the beast went right back on the attack, refocusing on Assail and giving him the dragon equivalent of a fuck-you in the form of an enormous roar— The massive shotgun went off a second time, catching the thing in the chest. Holding his injured limb to his chest, he hauled as hard as he could, the remnants of his jacket flapping, his stomach rolling, his heart pounding.

    Anywhere, anywhere—he had to get anywhere the fuck out of range—and fast. Even as his brain was screaming for speed, all he could do was lurch like a zombie— Someone caught him from behind, hipping him up off the ground on a snatch-and-drag that quickly turned into an over-the-shoulder fireman carry.

    As he slammed into place head-down, he vomited from the agony, starbursts lighting his eyes up as his stomach emptied itself with violence. He wanted to help the effort. He wanted to hang on himself.

    He wanted … Bushes lashed him in the face, and he squinted to protect his eyes. Blood began to flow and it filled his nose. His shoulder got more and more painful. Pressure in his head grew unbearable, making him think of over-inflated tires, bags with too many things in them, water balloons that popped and spilled their contents everywhere. Thank God for his cousins.

    They never deserted him. One must remember to reward them in some manner. Even with the jostling and the darkness and the alternating strides, he could tell the shack was brick. One could only hope for a sturdy construction. His cousin broke down the door, and the air inside was musty and damp.

    Without warning, Assail was dumped like the trash he was, and he landed on a dusty floor with a bounce that made him retch again. And his own. And the muffled sounds of the battle. There was an abrupt flare of orange light. Through the haze of his pain, Assail frowned—and then recoiled. The face illuminated as a hand-rolled cigarette was lit was not that of either of his cousins.

    Assail flailed around on the floor, looking for somewhere to hide. A closet. A bathroom. A cellar. Thank the Virgin Scribe that it appeared to be a stout brick and more likely to withstand— The roof lifted and splintered on a oner, debris raining down, asphalt shingles slapping on the floor as if the shed were heralding its own demise with a round of applause.

    Fresh night air cleared away the musty smell, but it was hardly a relief given what had precipitated the access. He tried to remember the last time he'd fed. It has been a while, but surely not that long ago? He forced himself to calm down. Get control. It was like trying to slow down a train with a hand brake, but eventually a cooling stream of sanity replaced the whacked-out, blood-lust spins.

    As he came back to reality he felt uneasy, his instincts crying out for airtime.

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    That female was dangerous to him. If she could affect him like this without even being in the damn room, she might just be his pyrocant Praise for Dark Lover "An awesome, instantly addictive debut novel. It's a midnight whirlwind of dangerous characters and mesmerizing erotic romance.