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Readers of this e-book on Medical Astrology are advised that the information contained complementary remedies, as discussed in this e-book, is not meant to replace medical .. access up to 5 PDF/TXT eBooks per month each month). 2. MEDICAL ASTROLOGY INTRODUCTION TO MEDICAL ASTROLOGY Medical Mar 18, I may try to edit this book or write a new book in future. Medical astrology or astrology of disease is not a new subject. . many other personalities of astrology world have written good books on Medical astrology from.

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Readers of this e-book on Medical Astrology are advised that the information and case analyses contained herein are study materials posted by the School of. A TREATISE ON MEDICAL ASTROLOGY AND DIAGNOSIS. FROM THE . astro- diagnosis in this book has been taken from Mr. Heindel's former monthly. in Vedic astrology there are umpteen numbers of planetary combinations indicating Jātaka Kapoor, and many other luminaries of astrology world have indeed written good books on. Medical astrology from a Vedic astrology perspective.

No customer reviews yet. Choudhry is well known in the field of Vedic Astrology through his many books and articles. His managerial background has enabled him to use modem communicative skills in so systematic a manner that the comprehension of predictive techniques has been greatly simplified. About the Book: The world dreads today the fear of Aids, cancer, Cardiovascular diseases, psychiatric problems, etc. The divine science of Vedic Astrology has the twin capacity to foreworn and forearm and offers the preventive remedies for such diseases wherever the possibility of such a disease is indicated by the predictive capacity of Vedic Astrology. On persistent demand from the readers, we have taken up Publication of this book. In the beginning the basic concepts, Fundamentals and advance predictive techniques have been Discusses also that the subject can be properly comprehended and the case studies are easily understood.

Cardiovascular Diseases; Gynecological Problems; Eyes; Arthritis; Cancer; Neuromuscular Diseases: Multiple Sclerosis; Attention Deficit Disorder; Bipolar Disorder; Schizophrenia; Electional Charts. Appendices: A. Calculation of Midpoints; B. Anatomical Meaning of Zodiacal Degrees; C. Astrological Birth Control; D. Decumbiture Charts; E.

Supplement Recommendations; F. Herbal Recommendations. The descriptions bear a casual relationship to the work of C. Carter Encyclopedia of Psychological Astrology. Starck lists Carter's book in her bibliography, but apparently did not see the connections. For it is quite evident that an inflammatory and a congestive type of disease may attack one and the same organ at different times ; that a nervous condition might be equally possible as a plethoric, and still our list would not assist the diagnosis.

The requisite data are furnished by the planetary bodies, and as it is of the greatest importance rightly to understand exactly how they operate, and what they accomplish, it will be necessary to devote the next few pages to an interpretation of their influence from a point of view especially related to our present study. This represents the great vitalising force throughout nature.

It rules the fifth sign Leo, which is concerned with the birth of things. Its qualities are therefore vivifying and supporting. In the extreme form a hyperaemic diathesis will be indicated. The character of its impressions on the organism partakes of the ardent, feverish, inflammatory and cardiac.

Indeed, the heart is directly under the government of Leo and the Sun. Just what the latter is to the solar system, the heart is to the body. It is COY coeli and sol corporis. The less afflicted Sol may happen to be in a chart of birth, the greater the vitality, the more magnificent the recuperative powers, the larger certainty of warding disease and attaining length of years.

It may be objected that all this is merely symbolical, and that while most people would readily admit the life-giving powers of the Sun under the guise of heat and light, yet as a direct agency over the actual life no such rule could be conceded. The Sun then, who in Sanskrit is Dwadasatma, the twelve-souled one alluding to the twelve signs of the zodiac , Grahapathi, Lord of the Planets, and Bharta Amara Joytisham, Lord of all the Uevatas, or good forces, is tlie essential factor in our conscious life.

Its energy is but poorly represented by electricity, because this at best is a reflection through Uranus. It is satwa guna, vital energy, calidum innatum, vital heat. Complex in the quality of its rays, it specialises through the circling planets by reflection and refraction. And just as the whole spectrum of colours is concealed in white, so the rays of the planets are combined in the solar orb. The attributes comprised are therefore observed to be the interchange and renewal of force, the conservation of matter, circulation.

The Sun in the Solar system: Simple Animal or Vegetable Cell: Human Frame: World of Humanity: Beyond this the greater luminary is connected with the eyes. Chaksu [Eyes was a synonym for the Sun among the Sanskrit writers. With the Hindus it is karma sakshi, the great witness who sees all actions. It is the mumia evestnm of Paracelsus. The lunar person is ever a rover, restless, variable, mobile, inconstant. Our satellite, then, be- comes chemically convertive, integrative, secreting, metamorphic and assimilative in action.

As Leo and the Sun are identified with the masculine, electric, positive or active, so Cancer and the Moon are with the feminine, magnetic, negative or passive. The one is vital heat, the other radical moisture ; the one the sperm, the other the matrix of nature. Serous and mucous surfaces are dominated by Luna, too ; also the lymphatics and lacteals. Taken in the abstract the luminaries together are O Spirit and ] Matter.

One is the reality — noumenal, essential, eternally existent ; the other illusion, mdyd, transitory experience, organic decay. From them result two series of planetary expression: The Moon then may figuratively be regarded as a sort of alembic in which the processes of fermentation and decomposition are carried on. Those substances under lunar sway are extremely liable to fermentation and putrefaction: They may be accounted the lymphatic temperament of the vegetable world.

Mercury, the spivitiis of Paracelsus, is somewhat of a Protean artist, taking various forms according to the manner in which it is aspected. This body is a con- nector and mediator, a translator and reflector, a distributor and co-ordinator.

The specialised Mercurian function is in connection with the nerves. Gemini, whose lord Mercury is, indicates this trait. For since this sign and its associated house hold sway in the world over means of transit and communication, i. Insignificant as the body of the planet appears, yet its influence is of the most important character from a physiological standpoint.

And al- though movement and muscular force are denoted by Mars, the excitement is evidently due to nerve force. On the motor nerves depends not only the nutrition of muscle, but also the actual control. The intensified form of muscular contraction termed spasm is directly the result of the nervous system, and dominated by the octave of Mercury — Uranus.

Under Mercury we find the nervous system, mental faculties, breath, hands and tongue. Together, the Moon and Mercury govern the brain substance and function ; and their affliction in any scheme of nativity is a powerful argument of unbalanced mentality, amounting to actual madness if the malefics are dominant.

It is perhaps one of the easiest conditions to detect in a horoscope, and one of the questions most readily yielding a solution. But its evil aspects and conassociations with other bodies have power to affect the organism adversely. It will produce general relaxation, loss of stimulus, the emission of vital fluids, etc. The planet holds dominion over the venous system, the kidneys, throat, and in women the ovaries. Its tendency, too, is in the direction of glandular swellings and malacostic action.

Tension, heat, eruptive action are associated with this body. It is the proceleusmatic, augmenting and exciting agency, the great pathognomic symptom being inflammation. The house and sign occupied by Mars are always centres of energy, activity and augmentation, and thus become highly important in every respect.

Mars represents focussed heat in contradistinction to distributed 0. His specific government is over the muscular tissues, the generative organs, the bile, nose and blood-fibrin. Its attributes are the conservation, elaboration and preservation of life, the ensurance of temperateness and fruitfulness. Some years ago a writer in the Journal of the Statistical Society demonstrated a connection between the fluctua- tions of the annual death-rate and the position of Jupiter in its orbit.

This agrees well with the astrological significance of the planet. But when afflicting, this? To it are specially referable those disorders which are characterised by excess of sugar or albumen in the urine. The great centre of Jupiterian activity is the liver storage of glycogen , but the arterial system is markedly dominated also, just as the venous is by Venus. Similarly the deposition of fat is regulated to a consider- able extent by the Jovian star. Fat excites the liver to increased secretion.

Frequently it acts through its oppositional sign, Gemini, upon the lungs, as the latter will operate through Sagittarius: The formation of waste substances from used-up tissues is exemplified by the production of urea and uric acid, both of which are formed in the liver ; but the deposition thereof is due to Saturn.

Saturn, the corpus limbus of Paracelsus, is by nature dry, frigid and intropulsive. The action of this planet lies in the contraction, hardening, suppression, obstruc- tion and atrophy of tissue and function.

It is the negation of Mars. The tendency exhibited is to the retention, crystallisation and deposition of such sub- stances as would otherwise pass out of the body by the emunctories, etc. When this crystallisation and retention take place we have urinary sand, gravel, stone, among other things ; or in another manner we get the tophi or chalk stones of gout, thickening and deformity of local parts, atrophy of the muscles of affected limbs as in rheumatoid arthritis, thickening of the synovial membrane, etc.

The articulations, and especially the knees, are controlled, while the government also extends to the auditory organs and the spleen. Saturn predisposes to chronic and deep-seated diseases. Maladies of the spinal cord are a frequent outcome when the planet much oppresses the solar orb. Of Uranus and Neptune less can be said, although various sidelights will be thrown upon their action in subsequent pages.

They are responsible for the more obscure morbid manifestations, and such as are not amenable to strict classification. The following tabulation will serve to give a slight general idea of planetary types of disease: Deaths and ill habits of body through the use of drugs — opium, morphia, etc. Stupor, typhomania, confusion of ideas, somnolency, hallucination, trance. Briefly, the salient pathognomic signs attendant upon morbid planetary action according as it is plus or minus are, in the case of the Sun.

II Neptune. Biodynamic Action of Planets. The biodynamic action of the several planets may in some measure be expressed diagrammatically.

If we take this symbol to represent the sphere of each planetary force in turn we shall realise the following conceptions. The solar action is expansive, expanding and cir- cumferential. From the potential vigour concealed in the dot the force radiates concentrically in ever- widening circles of influence. We can exhibit this diagrammatically as in Fig. It is expressive of life, infinity, continuity and enlargement of experience. The lunar action is of the fluidic, ebb and flow order, mutational, periodic.

It is the tide-swing as it exists throughout all nature, although for the most part only traceable among the fluids. Let us accord it graphic presentation as shown in Fig. Mercury is the tremolo, the vibrant, the unresting, the leading note or sub-tonic of the musical scale which demands that haven of rest, the tonic. It is nervous, quivering, excitable, subtle, in ceaseless motion as the ciliated disc of a rotifer.

We may picture it as in Fig. Then, too, it presents the phenomenon of gemma- tion as witnessed in many low forms of animal and vegetable life, where reproduction of the species is carried on by a process of budding from the side of a simple cell, the bud ultimately becoming detached and constituting in itself an organism complete in every respect as the parent.

It will not seem strange then to record that Venus is specially identified with the ovary and ovum. Such non-malignant growths as acephalocysts are quite detached from the structures in which they occur, and have a power of reproduction by gemmation, the young being developed between the layers of the parent cyst.

The Venusian action may be pourtrayed as in Fig. This figure illustrates the progression of biodynamic vortices from one end of the cell to the other, ultimately issuing without as a separate gemma. After the energy comes the reaction. This is relaxation, and will be represented by the oval also the typical egg form. Venus is a notorious factor in the relaxation of tissue. The action of Mars is centrifugal [Mars vicissim ad circumfeyentiam a centra protendit , from a centre outwards ; but although there is an affinity between it and the Sun, the martial force is not circumferential, not a steady process of concentric expansion such as may be exemplified by the widening rings which follow the act of throwing a stone into a pond, but a violent expulsion along the lines of the radii, as indicated in Fig.

It is rubefacient, bringing blood to the surface and so reddening and inflaming. With Jupiter we shall couple in some degree Venus, for both are concerned with the nourishing, conserving and aphetic processes. To them belong the storing of various cell substances, the reservation, filtration, selection, transformation. The particular cell-reproduc- tive form with Venus is that of gemmation. In Jupiter the process of cell-reproduction by division is exhibited.

From the simple cell, by the continued interposition of septa and the progressive growth of each indivdual cell thus constructed, a gradual enlargement of the whole coenobium takes place, until finally the rupture of the common integument results.

Next in order comes Saturn. Here we have a force the diametric opposite of Mars: The action is contracting, cr3'stallising, binding, restrict- ing, consolidating, driving the blood inwards and so pro- ducing colds, mortification, etc.

What Mars allows Saturn negatives. The one is sudden, the other tardy ; Mars intense, Saturn restrained. Together they are as acute and chronic, heat and cold. The two diagrams shown in Figs. Besides being radio-active Uranus exhibits eccentric, tangential and spasmodic action. As it is the octave expression of Mercury the vibrations will follow along similar lines, but the waves will neither be continuous nor rounded. Its province lies in the neuralgic, shock-producing, electric, spasmodic and explosive.

Neptune shows distinct amaeboid and nebuloid motions, and while having affinity with Venus as its octave, it is more relaxing, elusive and protean. It rapidly changes form not of course the planet itself , and may at times appear shapeless and amorphic.

Just as Venus is concerned with the process of cell-reproduc- tion by gemmation, and Jupiter by simple division, so to Neptune belongs cell-development independently of other cells in a plastic fluid — the cytoblastema.

If we look back and compare the various characteris- tics, it will be observed that the planets can be related in groups: The Sun is not only the life-force of the universe it illuminates, but contains in itself all the powers and qualities specialised in the other planets.

Each of these latter abstracts from the fountain-head certain properties, transmitting them in modified forms to our earth sphere, and, without doubt, to the remaining bodies of the solar system. Solum namque ccelum est ignis: With the method by which this is brought about we have nothing to do here. It must suffice that we are in possession of the ultimate facts resulting from this selection, forwarding and interchange of stellar currents.

According to Sanskrit writers Graha Shakti or planetary energy is principally sent to the earth in the form of Vidyut Shakti or solar energy. For we must remember that not only ourselves but the whole of animate and in- animate nature is acted upon. Many forms of matter and spirit are concerned, and reaction will assume appearances both varied and diverse, but the essential and intrinsic traits will never be effaced. Each planet will have to function in inatcyia crassa, in media, and in tenuissima, and we must be prepared to recognise the gem by the sparkle of the facet.

Let us take Mars.

Medical astrology

In the human organism it will appear and reappear under such guises as muscular energy, mental combativeness, hot-headedness, anger, insistent will and desire, action, increase of red corpuscles, fevers, wounds, acute diseases, etc.

Medicinally it is the tonic, aptly represented by the martially governed metal iron ; temperamentally it is choleric ; atmospherically heat and violent storms ; mineralogically iron ; in colouring it is red ; professionally it is the soldier, surgeon, butcher, and worker with edged tools ; geometrically the angle. Or again, Saturn. This force crystallises mineralogi- cally as lead, coal, rock ; physiologically as bone, tendon, cartilage ; temperamentally as melancholy, selfishness ; pathognomically as depression, gloom, devi- talisation ; atmospherically as frost, snow ; in colouring black ; geometrically the cube.

Analyses more or less extended may be made in the following manner: Typical Drugs. Typical Plants. Therapeutic Properties. Principle of. Metals and Minerals. MOON ]. M ental. Salvia verbenaca, Nasturtium officinale, Cardamine pratensis, Peplis portula, Utricularia vulgaris, Cheiranthus cheiri, Cucumis sativus, Anthemis pyrethrum, Portulaca oleracese, Cucurbito pepo, Mercurialis annua.

Acanthus mollis. Convolvulus cceruleus. Geranium triste. Metals and minerals. Mental — Subtle, intelligent, ingenious, witty, persuasive, restless.

Origanum vulgare, Cynoglossum officinale, Lavandula vera, Convallaria majalis, Glycerrhiza glabra and echinata, Anethuin graveolens, Inula helenium, Foeniculuni vulgare, Teucrium scorodonia, Corylus avellana, Marrubium vulgare, Daucus carota, Calamintha officinalis, Carum carui, Nephrodiuin filix mas.

Mental — Artistic, convivial, amorous. Primula veris, Ligustrum vulgare, Obione portulacoides, Plantago major, Nepeta cataria, Mentha pulegium, Galium cruciatum, Leonurus cardiaca, Sibthorpia Europaea, Althaea officinalis, Lithospermum arvense, Nepeta glechoma, Alnus glutinosa, Rubus fruticosus, Ajuga reptans, Arctium lappa, Prunus cerasus, Tussilago farfara, Beilis perennis, Eryngium maritimum, Matricaria Parthenium, Scrophularia nodosa and aquatica.

Therapeutic Properties, — Demulcent, antinephritic, emetic diuretic. Rheum rhaponticum and undulatum, Juniperus sabina, Centaurea calcipitra, Crataegus oxyacantha, Gratiola officinalis, Humulus lupulus, Rubia tinctorum, Bryonia dioica''S Peucedanum Ostruthium, Arum maculatum, Urtica urens, dioica and pilulifera. Allium sativum, Carduus benedictus. Ranunculus aquatilis.

Energy, anger, expansion, inflammation. Mental — Temperate, just. Salvia officinalis, Crithmum maritimum, Cochlearia officinalis and anglica, Hyssopus officinalis, Sempervivum tectorum.

Lichen caninus and islandicus, Marchantia polymorpha, Acer campestre, Scolopendrium vulgare, Dianthus caryophyllus. Ficus carica, Melilotus officinalis, Cichorium endivia, Triticum repens, Lapsana communis. Taraxacum dens-leonis, Tanacetum vulgare, Potentilla reptans, Castanea vesca, Chserophyllum sativum, Borago ofheinalis, Vaccinium myrtillus, Betonica officinalis. Beta vulgaris, Agrimonia eupatoria. Asparagus officinalis, Smyrnium olusatrum, Saccharum officiharum, Asclepias vincetoxicum, Pulmonaria officinalis, Melissa officinalis, Geum urbanum.

Metal — Tin. Polypodium Dryopteris, Populus nigra, Cydonia vulgaris, Pyrus torminalis, Capsella bursa-pastoris, Illecebrum verti- cillatum, Mespilus germanica, Verbascum thapsus, Atropa belladonna, Hyoscyamus niger. Cannabis sativa, Helleborus niger, Ecpiisetum vulgaris. T emperamental. Qualities Physiological Seclusive Vermiform appendix?

Clairvoyance Semi-spiri- tual, occult - Supra-ma- terial, Illa- ,queative Sign. Stevenson was a typical Neptunian, that planet in his horoscope being conjoined with the Moon in Pisces. Chapter vi. Tonicity, Atonicity, and Perversion, A NORMAL horoscope would be the outcome of a due and proper balance between the planets — that is, such a balance as would not admit the preponderance of one over another.

Each would exercise its activity to the detriment of none of the rest. But this is never the case. There is always some fighting going on.

Astrology Books on Medical Astrology

Each planetary body may be said to function in three different ways. It may through position and aspect be urged above the normal: It may be suppressed below: Or it may suffer, in a sense, an unnatural change — pcvversion. Suppose, for instance, a man has a weak Mars. This will show as a want of spirit, lack of muscular power, lack of control over muscles, flaccidity, involuntary evacuations.

If Mars is too much in evidence, fevers, agues, haemorrhage ensue, inflammatory action is set up, varioloid disorders occur and a high temperature exists. If its nature is partly overlaid and intermixed with certain other bodies, but particularly Uranus, Saturn and Neptune, fistulas, morbid growths, fibrous degeneration, haemorrhoids, priapisms, etc. And similarly with the remaining bodies. But apart from this, each planet is intrinsically tonic or atonic, electric or magnetic, positive or negative.

The positive are Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus. The negative. Moon, Venus, Saturn and Neptune. Mercury is interchangeable. Saturn Tj Atrophied, paralytic, cachectic, tabefactive, reducing? Asthenic plethora tp Neptune tp Atrophy of process, dissipation 5 Mercury 5 Receiver, reflector, amalgamator Now an atonic or negative body may have its nature partially transmuted by configuration with a tonic or positive body.

In a lesser degree a tonic body may have some of its positive force destroyed by the proximity of an atonic one, but cannot wholly become subservient to it. Each planet imparts a special type of disease to an organ, but becomes modified, changed or disguised by reception of cross aspects from other planets.

From the combination of planet, sign, aspect and house we may infer structural and functional disorder. Zodiaco-Planetary Synopsis of Typical Diseases.

This synopsis is only an aid to diagnosis. The difficulty of framing invariable and universally applicable laws consists in the numberless combinations of planets and signs which are possible. Some disorders will be found repeated under two or more heads for reasons easily comprehended. But the list as it is here presented will afford clues; the working out of combinations, and the deduction of probable results must remain a matter of individual judgment.

There are also proximate and ultimate causes and effects, which consideration opens up a wide field for speculation and investigation. In these astrology is at present defective ; that is to say, we regard the results of disease more than the causa Pvcegumena, the proximate seat rather than the efficient exciting factor.

Diseases, in the main, ought to be distinguished by their causes, not their effects. For instance in such cases as stone in the bladder, caused by the deposition of uric acid, the condition of the blood ought to occupy first attention ; similarly in diabetes: Then too, it must be remembered that the graver diseases will be consequent upon the severer forms of planetary affliction.

Scorpio, — Venereal disorders, piles, urinal and seminal complaints, dropsy, strangury, fistula, urethral abscess, over secretion of urates.

URANUS is responsible for sudden attacks of disease — cramps, spasms, ruptures, explosions, electric and other shocks, exaggerated action. NEPTUNE has dominion over certain vague and obscure diseases, mostly having a psychic rather than a physical origin as explained before.

When afflicting it will induce the habit of taking drugs, such as narcotics, hypnotics, opiates, etc. It is also symptomatic of poisoning. The Sixth and Eighth Houses. The sixth house of the scheme has always been held to govern disease in a broad sense, and the eighth the manner of death. This is quite true. But they are only worth considering in that light when planetarily tenanted. To attempt diagnosis by taking the lords of these houses is futile.

Wilson writes: It does not so clearly appear that the West angle has any such influence, and still less that the sixth house can be the place from whence we can judge of diseases.

The common signs, which are equivalent to these divisions, are constitutionally among the weak- est of the zodiac. But we shall ignore the third and ninth because the interpretation of diseases belonging to these departments is outside the scope of a manual such as the present. The house chiefly regarded is the sixth, and the sign Virgo. This brings home one great fact — the power of the mind over the body, and vice versa. For the mental ruler.

Mercury, is proprietor of this sign. When the luminaries occupy this part of the geniture, the vitality and stamina are reduced, chronic ill-health and poor recuperative powers coincide. Of course, should there be malefic rays thrown to the bodies named the evil is so much the more intensified.

In many cases incurable disease is signified, or structural defect. And although congenital defects must depend upon an epoch prior to the actual birth, or upon some arrest of foetal development, yet certain agreements exist between that which is born and the stars at the time.

The indications are not always satisfactory, but it may be mentioned that the sixth and twelfth houses are often strongly in evidence, by reason of one or both lights being there conjoined with other planets. In deformities of body, such as hunchbacks, dwarfs, etc. Mars, Saturn, and Uranus, especially by conjunction or opposition and in fixed signs; 4 their bodies or rays in or directed upon fifth, sixth or twelfth houses or cusps ; 5 ditto to ascending degree ; 6 many planets in Virgo and the sixth or twelfth.

A few examples may be adduced. The sixth and eighth houses. Here we have no less than seven bodies in fixed signs ; the luminaries in sixth heavily pressed by the rays from Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Venus and Jupiter. Mercury is injured by the proximity of Mars and the par. Two malefics are conjoined in the fifth and opposed by a third, Saturn. Leo and Aquarius, the heart and spinal signs, are prominent and account for the cyanosis and spinal curvature.

Large mouth, coarse features, very animal- like. Several brothers and sisters, all normal. In this case Taurus is on the ascendant.

Sun, Moon, Mercury and Uranus occupy the sixth, the first three being in Virgo. Mars and Saturn are conjoined in the fifth. October 19th, , 6h. Has had an illegitimate child which is normal in size. Taurus again rises.

Medical Astrology

The Sun, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are in sixth. Uranus is in the fifth opposed by Saturn, both bodies throwing quartiles to Mercury. Five planets are stationed in fixed signs. September 4th, , 7I1. No fewer than six bodies, including the luminaries, are in the twelfth house of this scheme, and all occupy the sign Virgo. These figures will repay study and comparison.

A whole series ol strikingly similar ones might be given here, but the subjects of teratology, achondroplasia, etc.

Such associations, however, as Mars conjunction or opposition Saturn, Saturn opposition Uranus, etc. The twelfth house should be particularly noted for those diseases which demand isolation, or hospital or asylum detention. Planets in the eighth will usually point out the character of the death.

Mars and Uranus will indicate sudden and violent deaths. Saturn linger- ing, wasting, suffocation, drowning, etc. But much will depend upon the sign occupied, as we have learnt previously.

The Triplicities and Quadruplicities. The zodiac splits up naturally into four tripartite divisions which are akin in quality or constitution, viz. They have been loosely termed elemental, but this is not correct: Together we may relate and consider them somewhat as follows: The spiritual aspirations.

Fiery Signs are connected with the vital heat and spirit. Earthy Signs with the osseous structure, the salts, earths, minerals, concretions, etc. Airy Signs with the gases, intercellular spaces, air- cells, arteries, veins and capillaries. Watery Signs with the fluids: These are general considerations; but it must be understood that the particular character of a fluid will depend upon the planetary government.

Thus, al- though the Moon dominates all fluids, yet its real dominion is over the neutral solution, the bland and basic humour that constitutes a medium through which certain substances can act and react, and by which they can be transported to various parts of the body, dis- solved, resolved and expulsed if needs be.

For instance there is milk. Here we have one of the highest forms of nutrient. First there is the watery basis ] , then the fatty constituents 2: But when we do so we realise that the constitutional fluidic quality is the point of view from which we regard it, and not its specialised form as an agent or reagent. The four celestial trigons crystallise in humanity also as the four temperaments. The Sanguine tempera- ment is represented by the airy trigon and the planet Jupiter; the Choleric or bilious by the fiery, and the planets Sun and Mars; the Nervous by the earthy, and the planets Mercury, Uranus and Saturn ; and the Lymphatic by the aqueous, and the planets Moon, Venus and Neptune.

One cannot easily mistake the restless, neurasthenic, hurried, agitated and alert manner of the nervous tem. But an explanation can only be obtained from a study of the trigons as previously outlined. The temperament is defined at the birth, and with it all that it implies, not only physiologically but in every department of life. For instance, from a vocational standpoint the tempera- ments will fall into broad divisions such as below ; Sanguine. The sanguine and bilious act, the nervous and lym- phatic think and feel.

Aries is the Brahma, mover, evolver, creator, head ; then succeeds Taurus, Vishnu, the protector, something fixed and made permanent ; then Gemini, Isumra, the destroyer, that is, change from a previous state of fixed- ness.

We arrive next at Cancer, the second cardinal sign and the commencement of a new trinity. The Fixed signs are equivalent to the succeedent houses, and imply support, conservation, solidarity. The Mutable are identified with the cadent houses and signify submission, media- tion, mutation. As we recede or fall from the angles there comes a secession from power and prominence.

And so we find that those people born under cardinal signs, or having many planets therein, possess a craving for publicity, and incline to political and public offices. Those under fixed signs somewhat less so, having, too, more gravity, ballast and placidity, and gravitating to those positions where firmness, stability, authority, are requisite.

While those under common signs are least desirous of prominence, or if desirous, find it difficult to acquire the realisation of such ambition, love the quiet ways, serving, acting as mediator between the two others, and generally obeying rather than commanding. It must not be assumed from this that the power and degree of morbid action will show a falling off from cardinal to common ; that the intensity of disease will be associated with the moveable, and its remission with the mutational signs.

Briefly, the necessity of consider- ing this particular sign arrangement lies in the fact that a mutual influence prevails among the members of each of these three divisions.

They are Mental [cardinal , Vital [fixed , and Motive [mutable. The mutable or common series of sympathetic co-ordinates is seen to include the chief limb signs, and the fixed the heart and generative ones.

In the fiery trigon for example, Aries belongs to the mental, Leo to the vital, and Sagittarius to the motive. We have to meet the effects of this sympathy so frequently in the horoscopical deduction of disease tendencies, that we cannot do better than obtain early an appreciation of the inter-agency. The three great aspects of especial pathologic effect are the conjunction 6 , quartile n , and opposition g. These are related to each other as: In this wise the four signs of any one series all become implicated.

It will therefore be remarked that in those cases where cardinal signs are well tenanted, head, stomach, kidney and skin disorders will show themselves, although possibly Aries contains no planet ; where fixed signs are occupied, maladies of the heart, throat, back and generative organs will occur ; and where mutable signs, affections of the respiratory system, nerves and bowels.

But while this is so, no sign loses altogether its distinctive value. Planetary Sympathy and Antipathy. Towards the enucleation of this matter we must run over the fundamental properties of the planets, considering them from the vantage point of the pyimmn calidum. Heat and cold are related as drought and moisture, and though it is customary to refer to them as elemental qualities, that is not a true definition.

Each celestial body differs from its compeers in the commingling of heat or cold with drought or moisture. The pro- portions are discovered by observing the affinity shown with sub-lunar matters. Venus temperate, differing from Jupiter only in this respect: Now heat will express itself as expansion, vitalisation ; cold as contraction, crystallisation, and concretion ; dryness as radiation, irritation ; moisture as relaxation, mobility, plasticity.

Admixtures will produce results in accordance. For example, the coalition of Moon and Mars will be equivalent to that of fire and water. Each will strive to subdue the other, the outcome being ebullition, evaporation, steam, conversion into an aeri- form state, in the latter case; in the human organism, effervescent mental activity, displays of angry feeling, dispersal and dissipation of brain force, eruptive con- ditions.

On the other hand there is an affinity between Mercury and Saturn, both possessing similar qualities, although in contrary proportions. Venus sympathises with Neptune for the same reason, and also with Jupiter and the Moon. The lunar coldness is not that of Saturn. It is a neutral condition, and may for ordinary purposes be regarded as temperate.

Let us suppose Mars conjoined with some other body and deduce the character of the resultant force in various spheres of activity.

First with Jupiter. Both have points of agreement in being hot, but then Jupiter brings some moisture and Mars some dryness, and the dryness is seen by the table to be in greater degree than the humidity. At first there is the melting, accompanied by evaporation and inspissa- tion, until the whole of the moisture has been driven off ; the solid residue ultimately chars.

But if Saturn take the place of Jupiter we shall represent the action of the two by subjecting a piece of stone to the fire. In this case melting does not occur ; the stone flies abroad in a thousand particles. The saturnine cold and the martial heat are the extremes of negative and positive. Even if otherwise, their dynamic action is too much at variance to reconcile one with the other.

In the domain of disease Mars with Jupiter will increase the consistency of adipose tissue and the connecting fibre. And if all of us isn't there to receive whatever form of healing we choose, be it allopathic or alternative, it won't create cure, only partial healing, or the symptoms of the disease will come back over time. However, once Soul Recovery is done for the person, and the homeopathic case is taken, cure is very possible. I might add that regardless of what kind of healing therapy a person chooses and believes will get them well, it will work much better after Soul Recovery.

The other portion of shamanism that was taught to me is what I call "extraction. All the healing takes place in the person's aura. Because of my Native American background, I don't use surgical tools, per se, but items such as a feather, crystal, my hands or whatever is appropriate for that person.

That saves a person a lot of air fare, to say the least! They are professionals at this, and if you're interested in this healing technique, we have some simple guidelines for you to follow. The address is in the front of the book.

Because we believe a person should be fully informed on the healing technique they have chosen to utilize to heal themselves. If you have questions that remain unanswered, write them down and your next order of business is to select a shamanic facilitator.

You should choose a facilitator all trained by me that resonates with you. Actually, all healing comes from YOU, and the healer is only a physical reflection of that tool you've chosen to get well by! That aside, I normally suggest men go to men, and women go to women. This isn't a prejudicial comment at all, but rather, honors each gender for their particular uniqueness. Women know women much better than they know a male, and vice-versa. However, if you want the opposite gender, this doesn't pose a problem.

Pick a name that resonates positively with you and mail off your letter to them. Be sure you tell them you've already read Soul Recovery and Extraction. Here are my associates names: 1. Karen J. She is close to getting her degree in Psychology. She is a lay homeopath for thirteen years, a Bach Flower remedy specialist and gives workshops on all the above topics. Glen Malec, PO Box , Wildwood, NJ , is a professional astrologer and does a great deal of teaching and speaking on a broad base of metaphysical topics.

Glen has an avid interest in UFO's and aliens. Once the shamanic facilitator has contacted you, usually by phone be sure and put your phone number in your letter to them!

However, if you are uncomfortable with your facilitator, choose another one! Many times, only soul retrieval will be done on the first journey, and extraction may occur at a later date. This varies from client to client, and there is no set way to go about it. They won't know if they have permission until they go into the shamanic state.

Because it's karma that you have chosen to work through without outside help. Ideally, it takes years of acquiring astrological expertise and then becoming totally familiar with physiology and anatomy to qualify as a medical astrologer who with the cooperation of a physician can accurately diagnose diseases and advise clients on the best procedures for regaining health. After four years of looking for the best system with which to look at a natal chart and discern a practical approach to finding potential medical problems, I discovered the Med-Scan method, a plan that every layperson, student or professional astrologer can use.

In involves using astrology to determine any individual's potential weak spots. In other words, by examining the planetary combinations and placements in a natal or progressed chart, a medical astrologer can ascertain likely psychological or physical weaknesses that may be causing disease.

The medical astrologer then can advise the client on the appropriate tests necessary to verify the astrological speculations. After a physician's tests have confirmed the diagnosis, together the medical astrologer and doctor can outline the best diet and program of nutritional supplements for the individual to regain good health.

Since medical astrology is in its infancy, no medical astrologer can work alone, and nothing can be assumed without verification from a physician. A medical astrologer cannot simply throw out suggestions without having them confirmed by a doctor. It is very necessary, therefore, for the medical astrologer to develop a close, working relationship with the physician in charge of the case. Although in my years of experience I have worked with any and all doctors willing to use astrology, I have found that usually the most sympathetic to medical astrology are homeopathic physicians and those who adhere to holistic health programs aimed at responding to each individual's different needs.

My approach in this book and in practice is also definitely homeopathic rather than the allopathic philosophy that most U. The word homeopathy comes from two Greek words meaning "similar affections.

In essence, it is a concept of "fighting fire with fire" or fighting the disease with its own aggressive characteristics. In the end the ailment has not been covered up, as is the case with allopathic medicine. Allopathic philosophy embraces the notion that the use of drugs to produce effects different from those of the disease will work. Thus allopathic doctors and most American doctors are trained in allopathy rely on high dosages of drugs to treat a person.

Although this technique may be successful to a point, with the damage incurred along the way by the chemicals given, the body is pressured to fight the adverse effects of the drugs.

Furthermore, in allopathic medicine too frequently the root cause of a disease is not sought out, but instead measures are taken simply to provide a drug to give instant relief from the symptoms of a disease. Homeopathic physicians, on the other hand, always seek out the root cause of an illness, and for the most part they use only natural remedies to treat it, administering the smallest dosage necessary to effect a cure.

Homeopathic remedies stimulate the body's own defenses to throw out the offending ailment, creating no harmful side effects. No warnings or cautions are required on homeopathic remedies. In fact, sometimes a cure can be effected simply by a change in diet: homeopathic doctors recognize that poor diets are the root causes of many diseases.

Any road to health that uses natural remedies, though, will take a long time, especially in chronic illness. Therefore, patience is a key word in medical astrology.

The medical astrologer must cultivate this quality and instill it in his clients. Most of us are brainwashed into believing that medicine can give instant minute cures to our discomfort or that there is a drug for every conditon. But there really are no miracle cures. Homeopathic treatment requires discipline and patience.

Clients must be made to understand that they will have to maintain a program for at least three months and perhaps as long as a year before they will see signs of recovering health.

Patience is especially necessary since medical astrologers usually don't get the easy cases; instead, we get the dying or misdiagnosedtwo of the hardest types to deal with.

Medical astrology - PDF Drive

Furthermore, most of the time the client doesn't have just one ailment but other overlapping complications. In the beginning there may only be one, but if the diet is not corrected or other holistic alternatives applied, health begins to fail like toppling dominoesfirst one ailment and then another and another contribute to the initial illness.

And from seven years of using the Med-Scan method I can say unequivocally that it does work. The only time it fails in the diagnostic way is when there is not enough recorded data in the field to make an accurate judgment.

In other words, medical astrology has not yet caught up with the more established branches of astrological study. It is my hope that this book, the product of years of experience, will fill in some of the gaps in our knowledge, advancing medical astrology from myth into theory, eventually to become a fact. The book is divided into two partsan astrological guide and a medical reference section. Part One explains what is known about medical astrologythe health conditions usually associated with the various planets and their aspects, the houses, signs and astrological crosses.

The most innovative and comprehensive chapter in Part One is that on the midpoint structures: the information in this chapter has not been idly lifted from some other sources; instead, the source statements have been checked against case histories and either elaborated upon or changed according to the different facts presented in my experience. This chapter is followed by one on the Med-Scan technique itself, outlining the steps to follow in astrological diagnosis as well as describing some of the tests and diets helpful in diagnosis and remedy.

Part One then concludes with a chapter on case histories, which prove out the old adage that "truth is stranger than fiction. Each contains a section entitled "What Astrology Missed" to show that we cannot always be per cent correct in diagnosis. Part Two was written to save the reader a lot of time and effort in consulting five or six different references to find answers about nutrition.

A year of research alone was spent on the section on vitamins and minerals, and I believe these two chapters are the most detailed and complete description of the sources, history, characteristics and properties of the vitamins and minerals yet available.

Chapters on herbs and cell salts are also included. Part Two then ends with a special chapter on the endocrine system. Study and experience have convinced me that the glands are often the root cause of poor health.

I believe the glands should be checked out first because the hormones keep the bodily metabolisms in order, and without proper hormonal release the body needs a basic tuneup to keep the engine running smoothly.

Although a bibliography is supplied at the end of the book, I want to mention a few books that are indispensable to the neophyte medical astrologer: Tuber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, edited by Clayton L. Thomas; Materia Medico with Repertory by Dr. William Boericke; Dr. Schuessler's Biochemistry by Dr. For instance, Mars always implies a potential area of acute inflammation, a flaring up of a specific condition. If Mars is in Gemini, there could be an acute ailment involving any of the Gemini-ruled areas such as the tubes of the body.

Which tube is affected would have to be discerned by careful analysis of the entire chart and the person's past and present medical data: if a woman has experienced uterine complaints, there could be an infection involving one of the Fallopian tubes; or if the person has a past history of lung trouble, there could a flare-up of bronchial irritation or pleurisy.

The planets, then, indicate how a specific organ or function of the body will be affected. Minerals: Iodine and Magnesium. No number of words can express the Sun's importance to everyday bodily functioning. The Sun should never be overlooked in a natal chart because of its vital importance and energy to a person's entire well-being.

All inherent vitality, energy or prana flows through the Sun. The sign it is found in will tell us how the energies are being dispensed within the given lifetime. Metaphysically, the Sun is our Heart Chakra through which all emotions flow. As Dr. William Davidson has said, it is "the fire of life," ruling the etheric body, a very fine, weblike filament that encases the physical bodythe container for the energy that flows into the physical body and keeps it functioning steadily on a daily basis.

This presence of an etheric body is why X-rays, radium or electrical burns do so much damage to the physical body. If the etheric is burned by the invisible, high-frequency rays, the container surrounding the physical shell develops a hole and a leak appears. Taking vitamins, minerals, cell salts, herbs or other internal or external aids can sometimes help this condition. Davidson implies that goose grease applied externally will help to seal the etheric so that the vitality of the Sun's energy is not allowed to dissipate.

Sunshine as well as vitamin A, is also healthy in moderation. There may also be a leak in the etheric web when a person contracts an ailment, although this is not always the case. A medical astrologer who can see auras will notice that the organ or part of the body that is diseased, disabled or not functioning up to par will be pulling in the aura in that area of the egg shell oval surrounding the body.

This phenomenon results from more energy being diverted from other areas and pumped into the hole to sustain its minimal functioning. A diseased organ will also appear yellowishgreen to the person who can look through the physical shell.

But medical astrologers, unless clairvoyant, should stick to the indications of the chart and lab tests to get their answers. On the physical plane the Sun is the center of lifethe life-giver to our physical bodies.

Its zodiacal sign in Leo, which medically rules the heart. If the heart is sluggish or impaired, the entire body suffers. We might think of the Sun as an engine. A faulty diet may cause the engine to falter or sputter.

And without a good engine the energy provided by Mars becomes wasted. On the other hand, if we have regular tune-ups by watching our diets and getting physical checkups, we can stay in top running form. To have a strong, pulsing life forcethe heartwe need sufficient vitamin A. If a person is not getting enough of this important vitamin, there will be a short somewhere in the circuitry, and he or she will possibly develop a heart ailment even though most heart problems are Fixed Cross in origin.

Insufficient vitamin A can cause a variety of heart ailments, such as angina pectoris, arteriosclerosis, atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction and congestive heart failure.

The Sun also rules magnesium, found in abundance in most green plants. The Sun, chlorophyl and magnesium have a direct chemical relationship: without the Sun, no chlorophyl and no magnesium.

And magnesium is found in such quantity within the body that we cannot live long without it. With insufficient magnesium a long list of ailments can manifest: in fact, with too little magnesium death is inevitable.

The Moon Vitamins: Riboflavin vitamin B Minerals: Potassium. Whereas the Sun, by sign and aspect, shows the The Planets, Uranian Planets, Fixed Stars and Health 5 constitutional quality of the body, the Moon tells the conditions of health.

Because of this sensitivity, the Moon is a good indicator of when to undergo operation or not. For example, a person should probably not have surgery on a void of course Moon day. Void of course days usually mean that the surgery won't be done correctly, further complications will be found or a second operation will become necessary. I once had a client who, against my advice, underwent a nose operation on a void of course day, and she had to return two more times.

For her fourth operation she came back to me and asked for a good date. The sign position of the transiting Moon may also indicate favorable or unfavorable times for operations.

The transiting Moon in fixed signs helps insure that the operation will go as planned and helps keep the hands of the surgeon steady, with no extra complications. Possibly the worst time for surgery is when the Moon is in a mutable sign Virgo, Gemini, Pisces, Saggitarius.

Those are times of too much flexibility: who wants to go in for a gallbladder operation and then have the surgeon decide to also remove the appendix? A person should probably also not have an operation on that part of the body ruled by the sign in which the Moon is transiting. In other words, for a gallbladder operation ruled by Capricorn , an individual should not undergo surgery as the Moon transits through Capricorn.

A gallbladder operation should also probably not be performed when the Moon transits Cancer, Capricorn's polarity: I usually avoid the opposite sign when possible because there is a definite reflex action involved. The amount of fluids within the body will also determine the best periods for surgery.

In general, the Moon is responsible for the fluid tides in our bodies the levels of serum, water, blood, etc. Just as the tides of the ocean draw in and out from shore, the body fluids do about the same thing within our physical shells.

When the Moon phases, these levels tend to drop or rise. At new Moon time, our fluids are at their lowest points, and there is a resultant weight loss. Thus, the best time for an operation is five days before or after the new Moon, when there is least chance of swelling, bruising or bleeding. In contrast, one should never undergo surgery five days before or after a full Moon, when the body fluids are at their highest and can cause excessive swelling, hemorrhaging or seepage from wounds.

Since the Moon regulates the bodily fluids, its transiting position may also determine whether or not there is a need for riboflavin. For instance, the fluid in the skull is at its highest at full Moon, exer- ting pressure on the brain and potentially making a person in need of riboflavin more irritable, more easily upset or more sensitive. So, if a person is suffering from a deficiency of riboflavin symptoms may be more severe about five days before the full Moon, and the deficiency may lessen toward the new Moon.

In addition, the amount of potassium a person needs may be determined by the bodily tides. The fluids surrounding the cells as well as our weight losses or gains of water are dependent upon potassium. A woman who has planets in Cancer or a strongly accented Moon in her natal chart can especially incur weight gains and losses of five pounds a month dependent solely upon the fluid distribution in her body.