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    Once a teenage would always vividly remember her brief marriage at seventeen to Alessio Leopardi. He'd tired of her within months of their. Read "Second-Time Bride" by Lynne Graham available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. Once a teenage bride. Second-Time Bride book. Read 47 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Once a teenage bride Daisy would always vividly remember her b.

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    Second Time Bride Lynne Graham Pdf

    Second-Time Bride & Back in the Headlines: Billionaire Romances by Lynne Graham. Read online, or download in secure EPUB format. like a total bridal let+down *or a split second$ it was as i) time had swept her back)i#e. Lynne Graham - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or Husband Prisoner of Passion The Desert Bride Second-Time Bride The Heat.

    Shelves: , hplandia , fell-off-my-chair-laughing , epically-whactastic , just-a-bit-wrecky , sewage-slurper-relatives , the-tropy-of-the-tropiest , seekrit-baby This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. LG is also perfecting her snarky, sarcastic H in this one too. He is Greek or Italian, large, handsome and has a repertoire of witty one liners and come backs that Will Ferrell only wishes he could pull off with s Re The Winter Bride - Lynne Graham does what will become a go-to trope for her HP line-up, the h who has the H's seekrit baby. This type of H is very clueless about his feelings until the very end, when he is forced to confess all. Instead he will hide his growing love behind some very funny and dry sarcastic utterances. However with time and additional LG reading, it is soon easy to discern the real man behind the pert playboy LG loves to gift us with. This one starts with the H showing up at the h's live in slave nanny job. He is there to take the h back to his family manse to face her illegitimate son's formidable grandfather - who also employs the h's father as his butler. The h was 19 and had been infatuated with the half Greek Tycoon H for yonks. When his first wife and daughter died in an accident and the H showed up at the estate where her father works, the father married the housekeeper, the h's stepmother to receive solace from his remaining family, the h made an all out bid to win the H's company. For a whole weekend the h did. She kinda fibbed about her age and implied that she was older than what she actually was.

    The market? Daisy hurried through the gilded glass doors of Elite Estates exactly forty-five minutes later, breathless and feeling harassed but trying not to look it. Her boss, Giles Carter, had phoned first thing to inform her that the virus doing the rounds of the agency had knocked out the boy wonder on the sales team—Barry the Barracuda, as Daisy thought of him in private.

    Daisy had worked ten years for Elite Estates and had no illusions about management chauvinism.

    She was the token woman on the sales staff. She had fought her way up the office ranks with the greatest difficulty, disadvantaged by her sex, her lack of height and her youthful appearance. It had taken hard sales figures to persuade Giles to take her seriously but he still ensured that she dealt only with the properties at the lowest end of the market. Giles had never given her a treat in his life.

    She always got the difficult clients. Mrs Sykes? Now she looked and saw the impressive long silver vehicle parked outside. Last-minute pull-outs on sales had been the result. It was the woman she saw first. She was studying her watch with a little moue of annoyance, a fabulous mane of corn-gold hair partially concealing her features.

    A tall dark male was standing with his back turned to the door. Giles gave her an exasperated look. Daisy froze. That name thudded into her brain like a sharp blow. Stunned, she stared at the large male presence now blocking out the sunlight. All she could focus on was a pale blue tie set against a slice of snowy white shirt bounded by the lapels of an exquisitely tailored charcoal-grey jacket.

    Numbly she tipped her silver-fair head back and looked up at him. Disbelief enclosed her in complete stasis. It was Alessio!

    She simply stood there, all colour drained from her triangular face, her polite smile sliding away into nothingness. The hand she had begun to extend dropped weakly back to her side again. The h soon realizes that a lot of what she believed or was told was not necessarily the truth.

    In a funny little one time only LG sub trope, the H and h go through her picture albums over the years and the H is livid because the h dated other guys, tho she never slept with any of them. The H is very intensely jealous and yet LG carefully refrains from any comment on what the H was doing all those years on the lovely lady buffet sample circuit.

    Then the sister and the H's model OW show up. The h is upset all over again when the H allows the OW to hang all over him at their villa whilst they are supposedly on their honeymoon. The sister is all about re-poisoning the well to drive the h away, by claiming the H and the OW are still lovers and the H is just waiting to run the h off to get custody of his daughter.

    There is an aborted wedding night and a second celibate night when the h ends up sleeping in a chair, cause the H firmly denies wanting more children and the h believes that lends credence to the sister's claims that the H isn't serious about the marriage. The H gets further irked when a former co worker calls the h at the villa and the H thinks it is the h's OM, tho she vehemently denies it. The frustrated and jealous H now has to pull out the big guns to woo the h back into a boudoir passion moment.

    After the h tells him that she only knew about the money settlement after his reappearance in her life, his parents meet with them and sorta feel bad for their treatment of the h.

    The H calls them on their bad behavior and most of the barriers fall away. The H and h can finally think about giving into their big Lurve Force Mojo Passion He puts on his oldest pair of jeans and takes the h out for a drive in the car he used to drive as a teenager as an attempt at a redo of their prior relationship.

    The trip down memory lane and the airing of differences works and the two finally have their big Lurve Club Event. The H finally figures out that the h isn't lying when she says she has been celibate all these years and the H claims he feels really guilty. Then he leaves the h and takes off. Cue up the H's nasty sewer swimming sister re-entrance, she calls the h to let her know that the H is having a intimate moment with the OW. The h goes out in the rain and sees the H and OW together, but this time she isn't letting the sister drive her away, her daughter is worth a confrontation with the H.

    As the woman storms into the h and H's home, the h tells her to leave and the sister goes off on a rant. The H is outside the room listening to all of the things his sister did to drive the h away and he finally gets that his family's treatment of the h has really been horrible.

    He tells the sister off and he explains that the Supermodel OW really wasn't his lover, she is the younger daughter of family friends and that his sister manipulated her into hanging all over him. But the OW started feeling bad about causing trouble, so the H went over to her house, cause his sister was supposed to be there and the OW confessed all. Now the H has heard with his own ears what his sister was up to.

    So he can only confess that he really loves the h and claims even if she doesn't love him back, he has enough love for the both of them. He also admits that he does want more children, but the h was so miserably pregnant the first time, he doesn't want her to go through that again.

    The h cuts off his grovel and admits that she loves him back, leaving the two of them united in Happy True Love Bliss. The evil sister is banished from the family for over a year and the h is willing to tolerate his parents this time around, they don't have to live with them. We get a little epilogue where the h has a two month old little girl, the teenage daughter is putting in a request for another little brother or sister and the H and h are lurving it up in pink sparkly rainbow bliss for another LG HEA.

    This one is technically very well done. There was some really great funny moments and the build up to the big consummation was handled very well - the h did not immediately give into the Treacherous Body Syndrome.

    She does her best to stand up for herself and the H's claims that when she left the first time she broke his heart are feasible, I just wasn't feeling much love for him when he ranted at the h for most of the book and then hardly grovelled when he learned he was wrong. In terms of keeping the daughter seekrit, I did not really fault the h for her choices.

    When push came to shove she did not try to keep them apart, but I wanted to see more H and daughter interaction before I was willing to give him great HP dad status. The teen daughter came off as more a plot device than anything else, but it still is a very readable HPlandia outing and worth the time if you run into it. View all 15 comments. Sep 01, Jacqueline J rated it it was amazing Shelves: This was a very well done Harlequin Presents. Unlike many, the prior history of this couple took place when they were both teenagers.

    So their misunderstandings and self absorbtion at the time makes perfect sense. Teenagers are so driven by drama and poor decision making. They meet again 13 years later. They have a daughter that he did not know about and I thought the reason for the secret baby was pretty solid. I believe that 17 year old girls do not make rational decisions in that situation. W This was a very well done Harlequin Presents. When they meet again they are 30 and I liked that decision.

    Many times in HPs they meet again when the girl is 23 or so and all I can think is "Nope. Still not grown up. She opens up both barrels and lets him have it. She does still have the hots for him but tries to deny it and doesn't just let him walk over her. The story is told totally in the present, no flashbacks. She does occasionally think about what happened earlier but not ad nauseum.

    Just as something comes up in the present, she thinks about what caused it in the past etc. Every time they have a meaningful conversation you can totally see where the misunderstanding came from. Alessio is very up front about what a jerk he was as a 19 year old guy. Refreshing to read. Daisy was a fun character without being comically drawn. She was a bit clumsy and dreamy and you could see Alessio being exasperated but amused by her.

    This was very lightly drawn. None of this stuff hit you over the head. A totally satisfying read. Highly recommended to HP lovers.

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    View all 4 comments. Nov 24, StMargarets rated it really liked it Shelves: This is a second chance story, 13 years later, with a secret baby no less.

    Second-Time Bride

    They handled the situation as well as any shell-shocked teenagers would. H withdrew into himself and h was clingy and insecure living with the H's hostile Italian family. A m This is a second chance story, 13 years later, with a secret baby no less.

    A miscarriage at five months brought it all to a crashing end. The h returned to England and they divorced without ever seeing each other again. The story opens when the real estate agent heroine has to give the H a house tour.

    They are shocked to see each other and say some mean things - all of which are based on misunderstandings. The h tells him the next day he has a 13 year-old daughter. She only miscarried one twin The H is angry, of course. The heroine eventually agrees after a bit of blackmail. Then we're off to Italy for a honeymoon, some hard discussions and the exposure of the family member who broke them up the first time and is trying her level best to break them up this time.

    There's an epilogue where the jealous family member is just being invited back in the family circle after a year in exile. It's good to know she got her just desserts for the part she played. The heroine's more introverted side explains why she had such a tough time standing up for herself then - and why it is important that she learns to speak up now.

    The hero sees this as well and once he stops being so defensive, he starts to listen. It was wrong for the h to keep the secret baby a secret for so long, but then the H never followed up on her - so I would weigh those two transgressions equally. Their love for each other shines through by the end, so it's an HEA I can believe in. View all 3 comments. This possessed Lynne Graham's typical trademarks in terms of characterization and plot, but it lacked the dynamic quality of her best writing.

    The prose felt less polished and less emotionally evocative. One thing that really bugged me. Why is Daisy's celibacy mentioned, but no mention is made of Alessio's sexual relationships in the interim? I didn't expect him to remain celibate considering they were divorced, but some mention would have been nice. Talk about double standards! Mar 01, Vintage rated it it was ok Shelves: This just missed being a three star, but the hero was just so darned mean, the heroine just so darned idiotic, downright blithering in true LG style, the sister just so darn evil, and one of the worst failures to communicate ever.

    Thirteen year gap from when Daisy leaves Alessio so maybe not quite a secret baby, more a secret teen, but still. Nice angst, and it is obvious that the hero is head over heels in love with the h, but it was a stomach turner.

    Simply not enough groveling on the part of This just missed being a three star, but the hero was just so darned mean, the heroine just so darned idiotic, downright blithering in true LG style, the sister just so darn evil, and one of the worst failures to communicate ever.

    Simply not enough groveling on the part of the hero. Nice retribution for the bitchy sister though so thank you for that. Ligero y entretenido. Aug 16, Linda Sims rated it it was ok. The two lead characters were married, but have been apart for 13 years. He then discovers that the heroine has hidden the fact that he has a 13 year old daughter.

    Basically he demands they remarry otherwise he will take her to court for custody. Not one of my favourite stories from LG, 13 years previously an outside influence made mischief causing the the 2 lead The two lead characters were married, but have been apart for 13 years. Not one of my favourite stories from LG, 13 years previously an outside influence made mischief causing the the 2 leads to divorce.

    Back in the present day that same person is at it again. A few things confused me about this, the person who tried 13 years ago and was still trying hard in the present to split them up was the heroes sister, now while I get she might not like or agree with his choice of wife, the lengths she went to was very very OTT it made it seem it bit odd why she would do that and just a bit creepy.

    The angst over their first marriage was well done although I feel most of the blame should be placed squarely with the H; sure he was young but she was younger. She may have changed but he changed more; much more. At least he had the luxury of being in familar and luxurious surroundings as they lived with his family. She didn't; so for h 3.

    She didn't; so for him to cry later that she also changed and she abandoned him; I think he abandoned her first. And yes, h may have believed his twin sister's poison but she had cause; he was a regular playboy when they met and it was his TWIN spouting all the lies! And he had no reason to crib over the measly half million pound settlement even if h had been the one to take it and even if she had spent it all on her boy toy; having lived with his boy tantrums over her pregnancy and his singular lack of communication not to mention the miscarriage which he got through by drinking; at least he had the luxury of drowning his sorrows; she didn't , she deserved more than that paltry sum; I am sure he spent more than that on each of the women he ran around with for 13 years I liked their daughter; she was a very smart young girl and I think she made a nice champion for her mum.

    And let's face it; in 13 years, he didn't follow up on her even once; she was still a kid when she walked away, having lost a baby and he knew she was an insecure, miserable girl who didn't have much family I think he was happy to be done with the marriage as he got the chance to cat about and do big things in business.

    And then he had the bare faced cheek to be pissed at her when they met again! Overall well written, with high angst, cute h, trademark sulky H and sweet daughter. But I just felt H got a smart grown up daughter with minumum effort; my gut feel says had they lived together, he would have still been having boy tantrums instead of being a father.

    In my version, he should have fallen at her feet, thanked her for tolerating his family, having his daughter and just for looking at his nasty sister.

    Then he should have begged her just spit on him once. But then we wouldn't have had a story to read! I think I just threw a tantrum Oct 25, Amanda S. Well, as much as I love arrogant and "evil" Hero and innocent heroine trope, this book is a wee bit too much for me. I love it when the Hero hurt heroine's feeling.

    In this book, check. I love it when the Hero ended up searching for the running away heroine. I love it when the heroine having a secret baby. I love it. But the major turn off, is that the heroine being so ridiculously weak and stupid and couldn't stand up for herself when if I were in Well, as much as I love arrogant and "evil" Hero and innocent heroine trope, this book is a wee bit too much for me.

    But the major turn off, is that the heroine being so ridiculously weak and stupid and couldn't stand up for herself when if I were in her shoes, I could definitely stand up for myself. So yeah, that's the only thing that I dislike from this book.

    But overall, Graham's style of writing is still familiar as usual and I like it. Look forward to read more from her. I'm dying to unfold her books one by one! The heroine flees pregnant, and the H thinks she took money and left him.

    Lynne Graham Vintage Collection

    When the H intrudes the h's life again and finds out he has a kid, it's time for Daisy to be coerced to be a bride again.. Things I liked - the banter between the h and H - The moments when situations were resolved- before the end of the book - The h and H understanding th "Second time Bride" is the story of Alessio and Daisy. Things I liked - the banter between the h and H - The moments when situations were resolved- before the end of the book - The h and H understanding the faults of the past was mostly due to their age and inexperience Things which totally annoyed me - the same ol shenanigans of the evil family - How the couple chose to ran and ignore instead of communicating - When the h is made to be celibate and H a manwhore- even if they were divorced Overall, this didn't frustrate me as much as some of the other LGs I have recently read, and was an average book.

    May 09, Min Li Li rated it it was ok Shelves: Jul 05, Vanessa rated it it was amazing. Thirteen years ago, Alessio and Daisy had been married. When the reason for the marriage appeared to have disappeared, then Daisy demanded a divorce from her unsupportive husband. I truly believed that these two belonged together.

    They were so young and made so many errors and had so many insecurities early on in their marriage. It sounded as though they had both grown up over the years and Daisy learned to stand up for herself. Alessio seemed to truly love and want her as well as their daughter. Neither of them seemed to consider the ramifications to the other party though as they were typical youths — wrapped up in themselves.

    There was a bit of blackmail, a malicious party and another woman tossed in too. Of course, Daisy is a runner when the going gets tough, but this changes over the course of this story. She is all over him and they are stopping traffic at one point. He lets Daisy as well as his daughter believe that Nina and he were together but no longer. Alessio claims that Nina was being generous after being dumped, then states that she is a family friend and she is very demonstrative and that he WAS seeing her up until recently.

    Nina was being used as a weapon in their marriage but she was up to some minor mischief and this seems to float for Alessio. Also why was he so determined to find the manipulator? And why would both of them have to go out to look for the manipulator together? Despite the OW crud in this one, I really enjoyed this story: Romance fans, Harlequin fans, secret baby fans, second chance fans.

    I love secret baby books and this one is quite exceptional. Daisy and Alessio met while they were teenagers. He was the 19 year old only son of an extremely wealthy business man and she was the 17 year old English rose that was working as an au pair for family vacationing in Tuscany. From the first meeting the sparks flew. Unfortunately, Daisy got pregnant and Al Unfortunately, Daisy got pregnant and Alessio took her home and married her.

    She was not welcomed into his family and was ill treated by both his parents and his twin sister, Bianca. Almost 6 months into the pregnancy, Daisy miscarried. He told her that Alessio no longer wanted to be married to her. His father also offered her a huge sum of money, which she turned down. After returning to England, Daisy found that she was still pregnant and that she had miscarried one of her twin babies.

    Daisy now has the responsibility to tell the man who wants nothing to do with her that not only does he have a thirteen year old daughter, but that his daughter wants to meet him. Alessio is angry. He throws his power around in the form of threats and intimidation. Daisy is forced to comply with his demands and finds herself re-married to the man who hates her and back in a family who made her life miserable.

    I love older Harlequin Presents. The alpha males are just so damn alpha! This was an engrossing, entertaining book that really made my day. Old Lynne Graham; the good stuff! If you come across a copy of this book, I urge you to grab it and read it.

    Jan 30, Claude Road rated it liked it Shelves: She did it because she loved me Nobody that determined to make me feel guilty could possibly be lacking in intelligence.

    And by the end of my indoctrination session the picture was crystal-clear. Tara worships the ground you walk on. You have also attained martyr status while still alive,' Alessio murmured with sardonic eyes. My evil, scheming parents, who sounded remarkably like a twentieth-century resurrection of the Borgias, may not have succeeded in driving you to suicide but then that is only a tribute to the strength of your character.

    Daisy focused blearily on the photo album lodged mere inches in front of her face. Daisy made an effort to concentrate.

    Daisy focused uncertainly on another male face. I think. Daisy frowned when within the space of a minute another thud followed She lost count but realised in growing horror that the racket of slamming doors was getting louder and closer, not to mention more intimidating, by the second.

    The image of Alessio striding through the villa conducting something as uncool as a room-to-room search for his missing bride shook her rigid but Daisy stayed where she was, as stiff and tense as a sacrificial offering, until finally and with an almighty crash that matched her heartbeat the door flew wide. I love you enough for both of us!

    Second Time Bride - Lynne Graham

    Dec 14, MissKitty rated it it was amazing. Loved this story - it's about second chances. A teenage marriage that failed. Marriage is hard enough without adding complications of living with hostile in-laws, a pregnancy, spiteful meddling, peer pressure and a miscarriage all while being in your teens.

    It was very believable.

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