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Israr-e- Haqiqi My book Israr-e- Haqiqi on Dear all. Good day. I would like to inform that, this Urdu book translated by by me into. Israr e Haqiqi by Moinuddin Chishti (Urdu). The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check that your browser supports JavaScript and that it is. Category: Sufism Tags: Israr-E-Haqiqi, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti . Ruyada E Chaman by peer muhammad rashidi pdf free download; Guftagu 1; Guftagu 7.

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Israr E Haqiqi In Urdu Pdf

Israr e Haqiqi book pdf, Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti Books Urdu,. Israr-e-Haqiqi اسرار حقیقی is written by Hazrat Sultan ul Hind Hazoor Ghareeb Nawaz Khwaja . Israr e Haqiqi - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read from Urdu into English, and I request people to read this book. Israr-e-Haqiqi - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File It is my great honour and pleasure to translate this book from Urdu into.

He left this mortal world on 6th Rajab on the Friday in the Hegira Islamic calnder year and he was died in Ajmer city at the age of 95 years. The brief biography, details of Hazrat Bakhtiar Kaki His name is Bakhtiar bin Ahmed bin Syed Musa and there is one country in between Samarqand and Inderjan and which is well known as the State of Fergana and in this region, there is one inhabitation known as Oushi and to this place he belongs. He was becoming well known with the title of Kaki because there was one grocery owner near his house and from him, he used to take goods on credit from his shop. He was given standing instruction to the grocery owner that he should not give him goods on credit if the total due amount will exceed more than three Dirhams. When he will use to get something from somewhere, then he used to give to the grocery shopkeeper. Once he was firmly determined that he will not take any thing of the credit. Due to his trust, there was good result was there that there was found of one bread with butter mixed in dough from his prayer mat daily basis and that bread 31 was sufficient enough for his members of the family and household persons. The grocery owner, perhaps thought that the Sheikh was angry with him in this matter so he has sent his wife to his house that why he did not take goods from grocery shop on a credit basis.? The wife of the Sheikh told all details of bread with butter mixed in the dough, which used to appear from the prayer mat of the Sheikh on a daily basis to the wife of the grocery shop owner. So, for this reason, the bread appearing from the prayer mat has been stopped. Confident of the secrets of love The person of belief, May Lord of the worlds guides you in all your works This letter has been sent by Fakir Moinuddin Chisti.

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The prophet of Allah has said, Oh: Umar believes it that the house of Kaba is the heart of the human beings. Also as per another of the saying of the last prophet of Allah is there that It means the heart of the man is the empyrean so to perform the Hajj of Kaba of the heart.

Hadrat Umar bin Qattab R. The prophet replied him that The existence of man is like the status of boundary walls. And if from boundary walls if the veil of doubt and disbelief of unrelated will be taken out, then in the courtyard of the heart there will be an available manifestation of the personality of Allah.

So this is the aim and purpose of the pilgrimage of holy Ka'ba in Makkah. Also while performing such Hajj pilgrimage there is the purpose in this matter is that the man should destroy his personality and Kudi ego as such that there should not be remaining any particle of his personality. Till it should be that manifest and innermost should be both become clean and pure in the same manner and the heart which should be near with attributes of Allah.

Hadrat Umar has asked him How our personality can be destroyed. The prophet of Allah has said By becoming of the lover of Allah and one who will become a lover of Allah then he becomes contemplation and one who become contemplation and who will become revealing of the personality of truth. Then Hadrat Umar has asked him Why this is regarded the heart as house of Allah and empyrean.? The prophet of the prophet replied him Allah says that Oh men he is inside of them so why they did not see him.

Oh, Umar the place of living is called the house and as Allah lives in the heart so it is regarded house of Allah and empyrean of Allah. Then Hadrat Umar has asked Oh: The prophet of Allah has said, Which is Allah who speaks, hear and sees there. Hadrat Umar has said Oh prophet of Allah you will belong to the personality of the specialty and in this matter, what do you say.

And its meaning and interpretation is as follows. That I am Ahmed without an alphabet of mim in my name. Then Hadrat Umar has asked, Who is a performer of the Hajj pilgrimage of the heart.

Israr e rohaniyaat

The prophet of Allah told that Self the personality of Allah. And entering of Allah in the heart of the person is the pilgrimage of the heart and so it is called real Hajj. Then Hadrat Umar has asked, When there is all manifestation of holy personality of Allah is there then this guidance will be available to whom and how it will be possible there.?

The prophet of Allah has said, Allah is the Guide and who will give guidance to himself. Then Hadrat Umar has asked, Then there are various types of floral patterns are available there. The prophet of Allah has replied that The example of guidance is like a merchant and who will sell the same thing which is demanded by the customer in the shop. And to the customer of the wheat, he will never sell barley instead of wheat and also for the customer of barley he will not give instead wheat.

Umar the example of the prophets is like that of doctors. And the doctor who will prescribe a medicine as per the condition and illness of the patient.

Due to suitable medicines the patient will become healthy. In the same way, the prophets who will prescribe agreeable medicine of knowledge of Allah to the spiritual, faithful persons as per their ability of innermost and spiritual illness. Due to this reason, the spiritual patient will get spiritual recovery completely and he will become Arif person one having an intimate knowledge of Allah. Umar, Salikan mystic of the way are divided into four groups and in those groups as per status and the ability of innermost and there is a difference among them which will be like the sky and earth.

The first group is the persons of the world which belong to the general, persons of Muslims and they are known as men of the manifest and they are used to follow the way of the Islamic law of Sharia.

Among the four steps of the love of Allah on the first step the persons of Islamic law are found moving there. If they will live on this step and they did not do endeavours and try to go forward to the other steps and if during this period if their age will be finished then they will not get anything form the world and hereafter and they will die as become as looking as superficial things.

And this group is called the persons of Islamic Sharia law. The other group is known as Awam al-Qas in them are found two categories of general, persons, as well as special persons and this group, will be interested towards spiritualism but as they do not know the secrets of the innermost so for this reason sometime they desire for this world and sometime they desire for the religion. So their eyes of innermost are enlightened with the light of innermost complete and this group is called the people of Ahle Tariqat people of the Mystic way.

The third group is called Khalis al-Khas and for them, it is called people of knowledge of Allah. The prophet of Allah has continued his discussion further and has said Oh: Umar guidance and advice will depend on the ability and gender of the Talib. This great grace of secret of Allah which will not be given to un-efficient people of the world.

Because giving such grace to them is like ill-treatment of the grace. Also they are unable to bear such grace so, for this reason, there is a chance of the following mislead way for them. Then Hadrat Umar has asked him What is the personality of God and what other things are.?

The prophet of Allah has said that Other things are revealing of Allah. In fact, all things are same. But there is a difference of manifestation of the attributes in them and like that for any matter, there will be one meaning of it will be there, but it will be described in different phraseology so in the same way there is one personality of Allah is there but there are many manifestations of Allah are there.

Allah says in the holy Quran that There is surround of Allah on each everything. But there are nobility and piousness available to the human beings on other creatures. It means Allah has created the human beings on his face. The prophet has said, Allah says in the holy Quran, it means we have given some persons excellence upon other persons. Also, it is said in the holy Quran that everybody will be going to taste of the death.

Actually, the death is giving the exegesis of the saying of the prophet of Allah which is as follows. It means the death is like a bridge for which seeker of the Allah cross it and joined with Him. Umar bin Qattab R. At the present, such details are sufficient for you. When if you be willing to proceed further than for the completion of perfection as such all attributes and secrets which are available to you.

Because one who will recognize his soul, then he will identify his creator. Oh, my confident Qutubuddin these points were hidden and belongs to conceal secrets and for which the last prophet of Allah have been given teaching to his caliph and confident Hadrat Umar bin Qattab R. We hope that you will have confidence and accept these points. We do not concern with the learned person of the manifest.

And Allah can only treat them in this matter. Because everything is in the custody of Allah. Allah, anything will not do any movement. This is the belief and this is the Eman faith of every Muslim person. The heart left the hope and desire As everywhere there is destruction So there is no friendship of patience and calm And there is no lack of any support and help. The boat is in the storm and it is facing difficulty So oh Moinuddin come on and help with this trouble.

The cruel sky sent the trouble to me And I am the target of the fate and calamities. There is no result of any try and endeavours So the heart is in grief and very worried for this. There is a storm of problems and it is rising high And its high waves are under the grip of the bad fate. There is no person and no friends are there So on my lips, there is this request with you. In the trouble of waves, the boat is moving there So oh: Moinuddin come and help with this problem.

My dear hearty companion, my hearty friend My dear brother Qutubuddin May Allah bestow upon you graces of the both worlds. After the Salam of tradition from the poor person, it is clear to you that some points of the secrets of Allah, which is I am writing to you and which should be given advice to the true disciples and to the students of the truth Haq so that they should not involve in the mistakes.

Dear friend: The one who did not recognize then he will not able to understand this thing. The second thing to leave lust and desire. One who will leave lust and desire and who will get the set sights on aim in this matter. So for such person, Allah says The one who has stopped his soul from lust and desires and they he will be given heavenly abode And for the heart for which Allah has returned so for this reason and Who will put many things of lust and desires of the man in the shroud and will bury in the earth.

And I have told that What you will desire and it means that my desire is as per Your willingness. And there was the command of Allah that Well, as you belong to me and in this same way I belong to you.

If you want to know the intrinsic of Sufism, then closed the doors of comfort and luxury upon yourself. Then sit on the knee balance of love. And if you will do this work then it is enough and you will become a learned person of Sufism.

The student of Haq truth should have to do this work with the utmost attention of with all ones heart. If Allah wills, then he will get salvation from the misdeeds of the Satan. And then he will be able to get out of the lust and desires of both the worlds.

One day my spiritual master addressed to me and said that Moiuddin do you know to whom it is said the person of Huzur presence?

One who will have it then he is king of the world.

Israr e Haqiqi

But the king of the world is need of him. One day my spiritual master addressed to me and said that It is said by some Darwish persons that when Taleb student will become perfect, then he will feel confused.

And which is not right. And others will say that it is not required to do worship by them. This is also not right. As because the prophet of Allah was always engaged in the worship and servitude in the condition of prostration.

In spite of perfection of worship, the prophet used to say that We have not done your worship as per its requirement of its rights. It means he could not do worship as per its rights. On his tongue, there was used to be Islamic creed with humbleness and modesty. Following this, the true Muslim must accept five main articles of Iman faith: Belief in Allah as the one true God. Belief in angels as the instruments of God's will. Belief in the four inspired books: Torah, Zabur, Injil, and the Quran, of which the Quran is the final and most complete.

Belief in all the prophets of Allah, of whom Muhammad is the last. Belief in a final day of judgment. Belief in that when Arif having an intimate knowledge of God got the status of the perfection, then at that time the status of his worship will be in the perfection mode and this means prayers which will be the performed by him with the truth of the heart. And from this, he will get information and presence. But its specialty is ascension and which is the prayer of Allah.

When any person after knowing of this then he will do the work with the truth, then he feels such thirstiness in this matter like that he would have drunken many cups of fire. As long as he will drink such cups, then there will be over overwhelming of the thirst on him.

For the source of the grace, there will be no ending of it. At that time his calm will become no calm and his comfort will become discomfort.

Unless there they will be no exalted of meeting of Allah. Sympathetic Taleb seeker of fondness of sight of Allah And for its linking who desire for it Hard working my brother Khwaja Qutubuddin Dehlavi May Allah bestow upon you graces of the both worlds. After getting of his Salam of tradition , its aim is that one day in the presence of Khwaja Usman Haruni was present Khwaja Najamuddin, Khwaja Mohammed Tarik, and this sincere person was present there in the meeting place.

And at that time one person came there and has asked with Sheikh of time that how it is known that a person has gotten nearness of Allah.? Khwaja Sahib told with his holy tongue that Divine help for the good deeds is best identified in this matter. Believe it that one who has given divine help for the good deeds so for him for this reason the door of nearness was already opened for him. Then, while weeping, he has said that With one person there was one slave girl who was a woman of rank and who will use to wake up in the midnight and make ablution and perform two Rakats of prayers and thank Allah and stretch out her hands and she should say Oh: Don't keep her away from You.

Upon hearing the details of the event of the slave girl the owner has asked her that How did you know that you have achieved nearness of Allah.? Upon hearing this she has told him that Sir, she knows by this that for her in the midnight He has given me divine help to perform two Rakats of prayers so for this reason I know that she has got nearness of Allah.

The owner of the slave girl said to her that Oh: So, for this reason, the man should be engaged day and night in the worship of Allah. So that the name of that person should be written in the register of the pious persons and he will be away from the prison of the soul and Satan. From Fakir mendicant of errors, Moinuddin Sanjari with happiness and gladness as well as delightful and loving Salam is sent to you.

That aim is that till the writing this letter he is grateful for the health of the manifest for him. May Allah grant you health in the both worlds. Brother, my Sheikh of time Khwaja Usman Haruni has said that Except the people of the knowledge of Allah the secrets of the love should not be explained. Then Khwaja Sahib has told him that The sign of the people of the knowledge of Allah is giving up.

In any person if there will be a habit of the giving up is there, then believe it that that person is the person with the knowledge of Allah and he has got the identification of Allah.

In the person if there will be no giving up, then in him there is no smell of the knowledge of Allah is there. So believe it well in this matter. The Islamic creed of the witness and negation of the affirmation is the Marafat knowledge of Allah of Allah. The wealth and status are heavy idols are there and these things have been misleading many persons from the right path and still these things are misleading many persons.

These things are becoming the creator of the mankind. Many people are worshiping status and their wealth. So one who will take out the love of wealth and status from his heart, then it is like that he has done negation completely.

So in this way, he will get Marafat knowledge of Allah Allah in this matter. So in this way he has done affirmation completely. This thing is available by saying and by doing action upon it. So one who deos not say Islamic creed then he will not able to get identification of Allah. It is clear that among human beings such Fakirs mendicants are wise who are adopted Darwishi mysticism and disappointment.

In every intention, there is a disappointment is there. And in every disappointment, there is the intention. Against this, the people of carelessness have determined as health as trouble and for the trouble, they think as health.

So, for this reason, the wise is that person when there will be thinking of the world of intention, then he should immediately leave for it and adopt for disappointment and indigence. And leave his intention and do conformity with disappointment. So for the persons of Haq truth it should be compulsory for them in connection with Allah. As who was living since always and will live also always. If Allah will give eyes, then he should see in every way His face only except this he should not see any other thing.

To get religiousness and eyes because if look carefully then every particle of the earth, there is the particle of the Jamshids wine cup. Excepting the fondness of the meeting of manifest what more I would mention in the writing. Pious among realization persons The lover of Lord of the worlds My brother Qutubuddin While living in the custody of Allah Be live in the happy condition. One day this sincere person who was present in the service of Sheikh Khwaja Usman Haruni and at that time one person came there and has told him that Oh Sheikh Sahib, I have obtained different knowledge and he has done much work of asectic Zuhad but he could not get the aim and purpose in this matter.

Khwaja Sahib told him that He should act upon one thing. Then from such act, he will become learned as well as an ascetic Zahid person. The prophet of Allah has said as follows.

Its meaning and interpretation are that leaving the world is the secret of all worships. The love of the world is the root cause of all evils. If you will act upon this saying of the prophet of Allah, then you will not be required any knowledge.

It means the knowledge is, even though it is a point and saying of it is easy, but it is very difficult to act upon it. So believe it that leaving is not possible unless there will be no perfection of the level of love is not there. So then at that time love will be created if there will be guidance from the side of Allah.

Unless there will no guidance from the side of Allah, then there will be no possibility of getting aim in this matter.

Asrar e rohaniat - Silsila-e-Kamaliya

To whom Allah guides then that person will get guidance. It is compulsory for the man that he should pay respect to Allah and do not waste his dearly time in the lust and desires of the world. But he should think it as a blessing and he should spend it in indigence and starvation and spend his life in humility and modesty. Due to the shame of the sins he should not raise his head and in every condition he should treat with humility and modesty.

Because in the love, servitude and worship and among all humility, and meekness are very good and best. Upon this, he told this story relating to this situation that Hatim al-Asamm and who was student and disciple of Shafiq of Balkh and once the spiritual master has asked him For how many years you are engaged in service and love and hearing my discourse and advises.

And he has replied him that Since 30 years. He told, There were 8 benefits which he has got in this matter. And he has asked, Whether there were no such benefits available to him before. He told him Oh: Sheikh if you ask truly then I will say that I do not require more than this. He told him Hatem I have spent my whole life for the sake of your work. And I do not want that you get more than this. The disciple said Whether this knowledge is enough for him.

Because the salvation of the both worlds comes under these benefits. He asked him To mention them.? He said Dear teacher. First is this upon looking the mankind carefully, then he was able to know that every person was established his lover or beloved something or other.

That lover or beloved who belong to such type that some of them used to live together till the time of illness by the death and some of them till death and some of them till the grave and after that nobody go with him beyond this limit.

There is no such is available there that who can go with him in the grave and will become his sympathetic friend and lamp there and settling the destinations of the day of judgement. I have come to know that with these attributes which are attached to such lover and which are good deeds. So I have made them my beloved and I have opted them as arguments for me. So in the grave, they become sympathetic friend and a lamp and they will live with me at every destination and should not leave me there.

Khwaja Shafiq has said, Hatem you have done well. The second is that When I have seen the people with care and attention and I found them that all of them are followers greed and lust. They are following as per saying of the souls. Then I have to think about this verse of the Quran.

And as for him who feared to stand before his Fosterer and restrained himself from evil desire, then the garden will certainly be his home. So I believed that the Quran is true. So I began opposing his soul and put it in the melting pot of examination and did not fulfill its desires. And due to only obedience of Allah, I used to get comfort in this matter.

Khwaja Shaiq has said May Allah give you, blessing you has said good and did well in this matter. The third benefit is that when I have observed the people carefully and well and I find that every human being is doing endeavour and trying hard for the world. And he is enduring grief and hardships in this matter, then he will able to get something from the rulers of the world. Then on this, he will keep himself in the condition of happiness and pleasure.

Then I have thought over on the following verse of the Quran in which it is mentioned: That which is with you passes away and that which is with Allah remains. I have surrendered myself to Allah.

So that which will be available in the court of Allah and which made available to me in the other world as provision for a journey and which escort me there.

Khwaja Shafiq told me May Allah give you grace you have done a good deed in this matter. The fourth is that when I have seen the details of the mankind with care and attention and I have found that some persons have thought over that mans glorification, nobility and his piousness related to the majority of the nation. They are proud on this matter. Some are thinking over that there are respected and value according to wealth and sons.

This is the cause of the pride of this thinking. After that, I have thought over the following verse of the Quran and its meaning and its translation and interpretation is as follows. With Allah that person is most respectable one who is most of the piety with Him. So it was known that it is right and true. And whatever the persons are thinking are not right completely.

So, for this reason, I have adopted piety. So that I would become a respectable person in the court of Allah. Then Khwaja Sahib told me that You have done well in this matter, and may Allah grant you grace. The fifth is that when I have seen the condition of the person with care and attention and I have found that the persons with each other due to greed remember with their richness and there is greed due to wealth, status and knowledge. Then I thought over the following verse of the holy Quran.

We have distributed among them their livelihood in the life of this world Then, in the beginning, the thing which has come in his share and on that thing, there is no authority of others. So, for this reason, there is no result of the greed. So from that time I have left over and made comprise with everybody. Then Khwaja Sahib told me that You have done well in this matter. That sixth is that when I have seen the world with attention and care, then I find that some persons have enmity with other persons and for any special work they involve in the act of grudge.

Then I saw the following verse of the Quran carefully with attention. And its translation and interpretation is as follows. That the devil is certainly your open enemy. Then I was able to know that the message of the Quran is best right.

Certainly the Satan is our enemy so we should not follow him. Since that time comes to know that the Satan is the only enemy of me. So I am not following him and not doing his obedience. But fulfilling the commandments of Allah.

And I am respecting piousness of Allah. And which is a right and proper thing. So Allah says in the holy Quran which is as follows. Had I not enjoined on you, O children of Adam; that you should not serve the devil as he is your open enemy. And that you should serve Me , this is straight path.? The seventh is that when I have seen the mankind with care and attention and I have found that for livelihood and living the mankind is trying and doing endeavours hardly in this matter.

So for this reason he will be involved in illegal and doubts and so he will face disgrace in this matter. Then saw the following verse of the Quran with care and attention. And there are no moving creatures in the earth, but the responsibility of its provision is on Allah. Then able to know commandment of Allah. I am also creatures so from that time I began engagement in the service of Allah.

I have believed that my livelihood will be surely reach to me.

As there is a guarantee of Allah is there in this matter. Khwaja Shafiq has told him that He had done well in this respect. Now the benefit of eight is that when I have seen the mankind of Allah with care and attention, then I have found that everybody has trust in something or other and some have trust on gold and silver and some have trust on wealth and country. Then I saw the following verse of the Quran. And its meaning and interpretation as as follows.

One who have trust on Allah then for him Allah is sufficient for him. Since that time I began trusting on Allah and he is sufficient for me and my best counsel. Khwaja Shafiq told me that Hatem, Allah may give you divinely help to act upon all these matters.

I have studied four books of Taurah, Injil, Zabur, Quran and upon studying of these four books I have find these eight matters and one who will act upon these eight matters then he is such person who is acting upon the above four books of Allah.

From this story, you able to know that more knowledge is not necessary and there is a requirement of the acting. One day my Sheikh has said what good to me about affirmation and negation of the Islamic creed that in negation of it not to see himself and for the affirmation of it to look at the Lord of the worlds because seeing of the self will not become seeing of Allah may not be there.

So one should do negation of it. Otherwise, there is no benefit of it. If think that there is personality is there and which is only belongs to the personality of Allah. Then its purpose can be available in this way. It should be noted that for the creed of the witness, Namaz prayer and fasting etc having its shapes and reality.

It is the reality that by leaving these facts to be content on the shapes of the manifest is useless. That person is very big un-wise one who will not reach to these facts. Then he said that Allah has lived since always and will be living for always.


The Salik mystic who will be blind in the beginning. And when he will be getting eye sight from Allah.

Then he can see Him and listen to Him. When there will be such situation then he will meet the friend and he will become alive for always.

Asrar-e-Haqiqi / اسرار حقیقی

From the well-wisher after Salam of love to get revelation of the opinion on the way of Marafat knowledge of Allah Dear brother to instruction necessarily your disciple what is the purpose of Fakir mendicant and the perfect spiritual master.

And what are its signs? And how they can be identified in this matter.? The Mashiq learned persons of mystic way has said that The Fakir mendicant is that person and one who will be free from all his necessities and he should not demand anything except the face of the friend which will be remaining for the always and ever.

And for this reason, he can see in them his aim. Some persons have given its exegesis as follows that the perfect Fakir mendicant , is called that person and from his heart, all things should be kept away except Haq truth.

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